Monday, 15 December 2008

15.12.08 A Warwick! A Warwick!

Now you are going to think I am obsessed with the Earl of Warwick (not that I'm saying I'm not) because that is where I have been this weekend - to his magnificent castle of Warwick! Went to one of the 'Kingmaker Feasts' Christmas banquets and decided to go in full 15th century gear - so our end of the table was totally WOTR authentic! The atmosphere was obviously a little more jubilant than the real night before the march south to meet Edward in battle I'm certain, but as we walked through the candlelit 'preparations' exhibition it was easy to let your imagination fly back 500 years or so and think what it really was like. The number of people involved in the preparations must have been staggering; just the logistics of putting that many men in the field in an age without our electronic gadgets is frightening. The more I learn about Warwick the more I'm impressed by him and what he was able to do; pirate, politician, soldier a man who made and unmade kings!

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