Wednesday, 10 December 2008

10.12.08 Warwick's letter

Ooooo I am so pleased with that banner!
It is a photograph of a letter written by the Earl of Warwick to Henry Vernon, a Derbyshire retainer of Clarence's asking for aid against Edward IV before the Battle of Barnet in 1471.
It translates:
To Henry Vernon.
Right Trusty and Wellbeloved I grete you well, and desire and heartily pray you that, in asmuch as yonder man Edward, the king our sovereign lord's great enemy, rebel and traitor is now late arrived in the north parts of this land, and coming fast on southwardaccompanied with Flemings, Easterlings and Danes, not exceeding the number of all that ever he hath of 2000 persons, nor the country as he cometh nothing falling to him, ye will therefore incontinent and forthwith after the sight hereof, dispose you towards me at Coventry, with as many people defensibly arrayed as ye can readily make, and that ye be with me there in all haste possible, as my very singular trust is in you and I may do thing to your weal or worship hereafter.
And God keep you. Written at Warwick the 25th day of March.
Henry I pray you fail not now as ever I may do for you.
R Warrewyk.
Written by a scribe, the postscript was added by Warwick in his own hand. But the personal touch did not work - Vernon did not come to help him.

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