Monday, 18 April 2011

550th Anniversary of the Battle of Towton

I wanted to write something profound; something moving and memorable in recognition of the great loss of life that unfolded as Edward erstwhile Earl of March took the crown of England. But in the end I think much has been said, particularly in recent months, thanks to the wonderful efforts of the Towton Battlefield Society putting our battlefield among the news headlines - even making the hallowed ground of Radio 4!

I think the 28,000 would have approved of the wonderful event on Sunday in which they were honoured and remembered by over 3,000 people in glorious sunshine - so much in contrast to the actual day of the battle - but no less poignant for it. And it was a real honour to meet the TBS patron, the eloquent Robert Hardy CBE, who gave voice to the thoughts of many who paid their respects and showed his love of and interest in all things mediaeval as he toured the site talking with re-enactors and public alike.

It was a great day and a wonderful tribute - what can we do for the 551st?


Caroline said...

Great post, Su- thanks so much for sharing your photos and experiences!
Your dress and hennin were lovely. I've always admired serious reenactors' attenion to detail, especially the fighting men. It must be time consuming and expensive to be fitted for and purchase 15th century armor. You truly honor those that died in that horrific battle.
Was the Robert Hardy you mentioned the same actor that appeared in All Creatures Great and Small and Middlemarch?

Su_H said...

Thank you Caroline.
The dress is made of pure silk which is almost as expensive as the armour! My next gown will be a copy of Elizabeth Wydeville's black gown as seen in her portrait.
Yes it is the same Robert Hardy a fantastic actor as you say and internationally known expert in mediaeval archery. :-)

Laura Barnes said...

I love reading blogs about people's writing journey. Glad to find yours! I invite you to stop by mine.