Sunday, 29 March 2009

Ooo my first award! 29.03.09

Thanks to Lady D for the award, my first ever :- )

Yep, like Lady D I will have trouble listing 5 obsessions that is, er, keeping it down to 5 lol.

1. Richard Neville Earl of Warwick and Salisbury "The Kingmaker".

2. Anything connected with Richard:- places, books, heraldry, banners and badges - you name it - I have it - including a 3D ceramic picture of him riding his horse through a castle gateway - it even includes the portcullis!

3. WoTR re-enactment - roll on Towton; Warwick Castle; Tewkesbury and Bosworth 2009 etc. etc.

4. Gothic/mediaeval places - John Rylands Library; Whitby Abbey; Tewkesbury Abbey; Kirby Muxloe (ah Will Hastings - almost an obsession in himself!); Middleham Castle; Fountains Abbey - you get the idea?

5. Nasir from RoS (or is it my bad boy Jack de Laverton? I never can tell!).
And the honour must also go to:-
Ade at Ade Paints Stuff (see number 4)

Benjamin at Literary Britain (Also number 4!)


Lady D. said...

You're welcome!

Hopefully we might manage a meet up at one of these events/places this year :-)

Su_H said...

Yes, certainly hope so Lady D :-)