Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Child 02.02.09

As the UK is covered in snow at the moment I thought you might like to read a story I wrote a while back for one of TFQ's books. It's called 'The Snow Child' and for you WOTR buffs there's something to make you smile (or perhaps not!) concerning someone named Jaquetta. All I will say is Warwick was right after all lol!!!
PS The original artwork is by Mark A Harrison.


Gracie said...

Aw I love this story and even though I have got the book I read it again. Lol

E Challinor said...

So what's the story of Jaquette? You can't just leave it like that!

Su_H said...

Jaquetta is named after Jaquetta Wydeville, mother of Elizabeth, Edward IV's queen. Warwick accused her of witchcraft. At the time there were plenty of rumours, mainly centered round Edward's clandestine marriage to her daughter. Why else would Edward have done such a thing? She was accused of making a effigy of Warwick and casting spells to bring him an early death but it all fell apart when the witnesses declared one of Warwick's retainers had paid them - but who knows, maybe she did cast spells and they worked?
In her novels about the WOTR "We Speak No Treason" Rosemary Hawley-Jarman gives the Wydevilles magic powers and in his factual book "Arthurian Myths and Alchemy -the Kingship of Edward IV" Jonathan Hughes gives credence to a strong belief in prophecies, alchemy and astrological predictions closely associated with Edward himself.