Thursday, 1 January 2009

01.01.09 Happy New Year

Wow seemed very strange putting '09' on this! Thought I'd report on the synopsis. Thanks for the support, I think I'm going to need it. I have written 7 pages - great you might think- but I've only made it into chapter 3!!! At this rate the synopsis will be 100 pages long! Methinks there must still be too much detail there. Not sure whether to continue and then pare it down from there or start again and be more ruthless!
Okay need to set a few deadlines to keep me focused - synopsis to be finished by end of February and the whole thing to be finished and ready to go in early March.

The picture is of my wonderful Christmas pressie - a full size authentic silk Warwick battle banner handmade by Fran of Medieval Art and Woodcraft

Just so I remember where my allegiances lie!!!


E Challinor said...

What a stunning present. Yes, I understand your problems with allegencies!

Go for the continue option and then pare it down. Although it seems the long option, I can see the other route as being one you might do again and again and still be unhappy with. But then that's how I would think! LOL

Off to see JOnathan Creek now - YEAH!

Gracie said...

Excellent christmas pressi, I can't wait to see it on our next ROS Nite.

I'd keep with it and then be ruthless once you have a first draft.

Anonymous said...

It looks top,

Beautiful I bet it looks good up in your house

Lady D. said...

Happy New Year Su! And a BIG well done on getting your novel finished as not many writers do!

A tip on the synopsis from one who's been there and done that (and also is teaching about submissions this term!) - do a rough draft, highlight the most crucial, story-turning points and then edit, edit, edit. Most editors will instantly dismiss a synopsis that is morethan a couple of pages.

Also (and I'm sure you know this, but I'm putting it down for the record) - make surethe presentation of your manuscript, synopsis, covering letter and writer's bio are as perfect as possible. Double space the text, print on 1 side A4 and check rigourously for spelling/grammatical mistakes. And only send the 1st 3 chapters.

Hope that helps - and GOOD LUCK!

Su_H said...

Thanks Lady D I will definitely go with that as I feel I'll never edit it down enough the other way. :-)